Dreaming Goddess Yoga Retreat

May 1st - 3rd 2020

Dreaming Goddess Yoga Retreat

The ability to give life and love is the Goddess quality that resides in all of us. The quality of giving life and love, whether it is through giving birth to a child, or giving birth to a dream. They are similar in what they require; both take love, sacrifice, pain, imagination, willingness to be uncomfortable, and faith. As women, is no wonder with the demands of who “we should be” based off of society’s standards, that we lose touch with our true calling and power. That is the power to create life, both in birth of children and the birth of our reality. When we choose to conform to who “we should be” we give in to competition, jealousy, and comparison. In doing so, we disconnect from our wholeness, uniqueness, and the power to transform our dreams into reality. When we tap back into that power we naturally let go, and influence other women to embrace themselves and shine as we have learned to. 

Join Kathleen, Founder & CEO of Dreamers Life Coaching, LLC., Ayurveda Consultant, and RYT300 Instructor  for an opportunity of a life time...

The opportunity to transform your relationship with yourself and life, using Kathleen’s leading edge 5-step DREAM system. Finally reconnect to the Goddess within that holds the power to turn your dreams into reality, while supporting women as a whole to do the same. Come celebrate your inner Goddess with the special women in your life. Together we move out of the darkness and into the light. Together we Dare to Dream again!

Bring your Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Niece, friend, or any female that you would love to spend your weekend with. Gift yourselves the experience of a life time and create a memory that will change your lives forever!

Kathleen Anderson Founder & CEO of Dreamers LC, LLC.

P.O. BOX 137182 FT. WORTH, TX 76135​


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