Feng Shui For Love and Relatonships Workshop Retreat


Saturday February 10th - Sunday 11th 2018

2p-4p arrival and check in on Saturday - 2p check out Sunday

Weekend schedule and Menu will be posted soon

Feng Shui for Love and Relationships--If you are striving to establish better relationships in your life, this Feng Shui class is perfect for you. Relationships are complex and we often seek answers to questions like:  

How do I attract my soul mate?  

How can I meet new people and make friends?  

How can I get along better with relatives?
How can I establish better rapport with people at work? 

How can I enhance romance in the relationship that I am in now? 

How can I prepare my home/space for a loving relationship?

People invest a lot of time and money to find answers to these questions and seek many different resources for solutions, but they are unaware that the answers lay within their own living spaces and

Feng Shui is the key to unlock these hidden secrets. This workshop will cover how simple changes in
your home can improve existing relationships and attract fulfilling relationships into your life. If your 

current relationship is great, this class will be useful for learning some Feng Shui basics and can also 

help to improve your career or business--By activating loving and harmonious relationships we improve 

our relationships with clients, colleagues, business partners and even our boss.  


During this workshop you will learn how to strengthen your personal energy from powerful
ancient techniques of Qi-gong. These techniques will help you not only strengthen your
energy but improve health and wellbeing as you become a radiant love magnet.  

General Overview:
Feng Shui is the art and science of creating harmonious spaces so we can
enjoy better prosperity, improve our health, enhance relationships and much
more.  In fact, most goals that we set can be enhanced with Feng Shui.  Many
people are interested in practicing and learnig more about Feng Shui but books 

and literature on this topic can be confusing and unclear on how and where to start

your personal Feng Shui process--This where Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Beata 

Kulitskaya becomes a valuable asset to your Feng Shui journey

Meet Beatta Kulitskaya-Cert Feng Shui Practitioner

We are pleased to present Beata Kulitskaya, a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
and owner of Double Happiness Studio. Beata has studied abroad in Thailand,
South Korea and China to see firsthand how the Feng Shui Masters incorporate Feng Shui
principles into everyday living.   Feng Shui is more than just decorating with lucky bamboo or putting a money  frog on your desk; it's the practice of
looking at how your living space is organized and how its current condition
affects different aspects of your life.  People interested in improving
their financial condition, securing a new job, improving relationships and
health have relied on Feng Shui to support and enhance their goals.

Beata Kulitskaya, certified Feng Shui consultant, will explain the meaning
and purpose of Feng Shui, provide practical examples of how to apply Feng
Shui to your individual situation and recommend cures and activation
techniques to support your individual goals.  Feng Shui is a very popular
trend and we are excited to bring this class to you from such a noted
expert.  To learn more about Feng Shui and Beata's experience, visit

Perfect Holiday or Valentine's Day Gift!

Be sure to sign up soon as space will fill up quickly for this fun and informative retreat. 

This would make a great Holiday or Valentines Day Gift too!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Beata thru her website or send us a

message thru our Contact page

Your Stay

All Inclusive Weekend Shared Accommodations (Saturday-Sunday) Healthy fresh meals during your stay at Mariposa On The Lake (dinner Saturday night, Brunch on Sunday) Light snacks, tea & coffee throughout the day. Welcome Gift Bag. Workshop and yoga class included. 


Deposit required to hold spot $50 (nonrefundable) 

Early Bird Special Price until January 15th - $129.99 (shared occupancy) 

Regular Rate $149.99 (shared occupancy)
*Non refundable Deposit will be refunded in the event unforeseen circumstances arise on our part that would cause Mariposa On The Lake to cancel the retreat or if the retreat minimum number of guest is not reached

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