Fall Meditation & Yoga Retreat

November 15th - 17th, 2019 SuperYogaRefuge

What if we told you that the beautiful movement at SuperYogaPalace + the sweet squad at The Refuge Meditation were joining forces for a relaxing retreat weekend of wellness?

Well, the rumors are true...  we warmly invite you to SuperYogaRefuge, an autumn yoga + meditation retreat at Eagle Mountain Lake, just a drive away from Dallas!

Spend three days + two nights in practice at the serene Mariposa on the Lake retreat space with studio favorites, Leigha Oldham, Rachel Fox Poteet + Trai Cox, enjoying daily restorative yoga + meditation.   Enjoy the glorious natural atmosphere + group of kindred spirits as we practice together.

Expect this chill trip to take two communities + bring them together for one amazing weekend of collective self-care. 

More info Coming Soon!