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10:30a - 11:45 Vinyasa with Kathleen

It is not about how many breaths you take in life it is about the moments that take your breath away! Reconnect to the present moment where Endless Possibilities reside, one breath at a time...

Vinyasa yoga revitalizes the body renewing it with fresh energy, strength and fleixbility. Helping you to become expansive on and off the mat. Each movement is synchronized with your breath helping you slip seamlessly from posture to posture into a connected flow. As you move with the flow of your practice on the mat magically you began to move with the flow of life off of your mat. Modifiable for all levels.

5p Sunset Meditative Mindful Yoga with Kelly

This class connects meditative breath with mindful movement focusing on the most beautiful and serene sunset "drishiti" (focused gaze) in the area - all levels welcome 

*Please allow yourself a little extra time to get down to the lake front pad at Mariposa 


8a - 9a Morning Flow with Kelly 

The perfect way to start your day! Feeling, breathing and moving into our day. Flowing from pose to pose, connecting mind and body. Morning flow is  modifiable for all levels.


10:30a -11:45a Yin Yoga with Kathleen

In our over stimulated world, stress and anxiety have become more and more of a common issue.
This practice is designed to help you find stillness and reconnect with your authentic self improving your over all health and well-being. It also helps you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.  

12p - 1p Yoga Nidra with Kathleen

Nidra Meditation or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation. There is evidence that yoga nidra helps relieve stress.

Aside from being relaxing, restorative and restful, studies have shown that yoga nidra can also:
Ease insomnia, Decrease anxiety, Alleviate stress, Reduce PTSD, chronic pain and chemical dependency, Heighten awareness and focus,Transform negative habits, behaviors and ways of thinking, Foster feelings of peace, calm, and clarity 

6:30p-7:45p Kundalini Rising with Rachael 

A class filled with a beautiful mixture of light Kundalini Yoga & Mediation 

Known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. 

The technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a science of the mind and body, to elevate the spirit, which has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore, it is for everyone, universal and nondenominational. There are many modifications for people whom wish to receive the activating and connecting benefits of Kundalini but may not physically be able to do all of the movements. Kundalini Yoga is NOT as strenuous on the physical body as commonly known yoga is. 

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation clears the blocks in your energy field, it is a magical science that uses sound, mantra, energy healing, exercises and meditations to release trauma from the energetic body, which surrounds the physical body. It is this field, known as the aura, that holds wounds.

It is a beautiful technology used to open you heart center and bring you to a heightened level of consciousness. Allowing you to merge with your higher self. We will be learning new series each week, activating new energies within and releasing anything that no longer serves you. These classes are comprised of breathwork, a light exercise series, and a Kundalini Meditation connecting you to source and your spiritual team. The class will then go into a relaxation period using sound healing via a gong, crystal singing bowls and chimes, creating space for your body to integrate the Kundalini energy throughout the Chakra system. 

All are welcome and encouraged to join this beautiful class. This class is a very intuitive class planned for each individual whom attends. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a very enlightening experience for all souls, no matter where they are in their journey. This practice helps us to operate out of the heart center and become connected to one another out of unconditional love. 

An experience to enhance your connection to your soul - Join Rachael On Thursday Evenings at Mariposa On The Lake.


10:30 Morning Flow Yoga with Kelly 

The perfect way to start your day! Feeling, breathing and moving into our day. Flowing from pose to pose, connecting mind and body. Morning flow is  modifiable for all levels.


9:30a Morning Flow Yoga with Kelly 

The perfect way to start your day! Feeling, breathing and moving into our day. Flowing from pose to pose, connecting mind and body. Morning flow is  modifiable for all levels.

Coming Soon! Yoga Series For Beginners

 Yoga Classes for Beginners with Robbin Hallford

Wednesday Feb. 26, March 4, March 18, March 25 (the break is due to Spring break)

9:30a – 10:30a 


This series of classes is designed to give you the opportunity to just try yoga. Whether you have never been on a yoga mat, it has been years, or you are just looking to refine your practice, these classes are for you. 

You will learn how to safely participate in a yoga class for your body and ability. Each week we will focus on different poses, building from one class to the next so you finish with a better understanding of what you and your body are capable of. 

Week 1: Breath and Sun Salutations; We will discuss how the breath drives the yoga practice and each of the poses of a sun salutations and how you can modify them to your needs. There will be seated hip openers in every class. 

Week 2: Variations on Warrior poses like crescent, revolved crescent, side angle, triangle and pyramid.

Week 3: Balancing poses and Backbending.

Week 4: A full practice. 

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